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Meet the Drone Pilot

Hello and welcome to Certified Drone.

If you are visiting this page from your visit at North End Diner, I hope you found the drone videos entertaining and thank you for scanning the code. If you have any questions / comments, or whatever, please CONTACT ME HERE.     I am available for hire as well.  

This site provides resources for learning about drones. Specifically, the resources will teach you....

1. What the rules are when it comes to flying your drone.

2. You will learn about aviation.

3. You will learn about safety when flying your drone.

4. A whole bunch of other stuff too.

My name is Mark. I began my career as a Drone pilot in May 2017 and as of January 2023, I have ~100 hours of flight experience. 

How did I get into drones ?   While one day shopping at BEST BUY, I was passing by the drone aisle and then spontaneously purchased a Yuneec Q500 drone. After I opened up the packaging, there was some documentation that led me to the FAA website. There I found information about how to become a drone pilot.


I began to study for the Part 107 test using the resources on this page. I took my first Part 107 test in April of 2017 at Norwood Airport Norwood, Massachusetts.  To learn how to schedule your exam CLICK HERE.

I continue to learn every time I fly and recommend that you do as well. It is also important to learn about the Rules, Aviation, Weather, and how your drone operates and what its limitations are.

If you are new to drones, I encourage you to check out the links(click on #1) on THIS PAGE.


I enjoy routine practice flights to be sure I maintain and build on the skills of my flying.  Feel free to contact me here if you have any comments, questions.


I strongly recommend every drone pilot to fly safely and responsibly.  Click here for some fun drone stuff to learn about.

Remember..A Good pilot is always learning.



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